I’m sure this is neither the first nor last personal training website you’ve visited, and that I am neither the first nor last trainer you’ll consider before deciding to commit.

Since completing my certification, I haven’t lost sight of my own experiences as a client looking for a suitable personal trainer. I was always reasonably fit (a dancer and good athlete in my youth), but, over the course of 3 decades, I gained and lost the same 20-25 lbs. at least a dozen times. You’ve likely seen and heard it all. I certainly have. Personal trainers making promises – even guarantees – that, in our desperate moments, in spite of our better judgment, we want to believe.

Now that I’ve changed hats, so to speak, the following is a partial list of what you SHOULD NOT expect if you wish to train with me.

Fast results:

With a 3-day split – that is, 3 hours of strength and flexibility training per week – you can expect to start feeling stronger and more energized in the first month. But you will not see results for at least 6-8 weeks. Add cardiovascular fitness and a proper diet into the mix, and you can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. of fat per week, which, incidentally, is why I also do not offer…

Quick and short-term fixes:

Your 25th class reunion, a wedding or a Caribbean cruise is just around the corner, and you want to lose 25 lbs. I wish you the best of luck. Truly….

And, while we’re on the subject, I’ll gladly offer healthy eating (“fueling”) tips and suggest reliable sources of information for your edification. But, if it’s nutritional counseling you’re after, I’ll refer you to a professional with excellent credentials.

Partner Training:

Sorry. No two clients have identical goals and/or abilities, and, while there’s an argument to be made for “buddy” training being more fun and affordable, it diminishes what I believe is the foremost value of personal training. It’s personal. You spend your hard earned money to receive my undivided attention, and I, in turn, want yours.

And, once again, while we’re on the subject, I will not take your calls or view your text messages while I’m with another client. By the same token, I will not take anyone else’s while I’m with you.

Will I change your life?

Not likely. Only you can do that. Sure, physical well-being – that is, looking and feeling healthy and fit – is bound to make you happy and improve your self-image. But, let’s face it. If 3 hours of training a week (that’s less than 1.8% of your time) amounted to a life-altering experience, I’m not charging nearly enough. Beyond the training itself, my function, as I see it, is to educate, support and motivate – to keep you focused and accountable for the remaining 165 hours. In short, to keep you on track.


When all is said and done, the rest is up to you →

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