If you’ve come directly to this page, before perusing the previous four, I’m definitely not the trainer for you. Several variables are built into my rates, particularly the time I spend designing and/or modifying each client’s program; which is to say, a 60-90-minute training session typically requires 30-60 minutes of preparation (or “homework”). Put simply: many, if not most, personal trainers, who set their rates low, make up the deficit by taking on too many clients and have no time for individualized programming. I, on the other hand, limit my client list and, more importantly, I don’t “wing it.”

I’ve been back in Israel for just over six months and have spent much of that time familiarizing myself with the fitness industry here – all with an eye toward keeping my rates reasonable.

That said, I do bill clients in advance, chiefly because I’ve learned from experience – including my own as a former client – that our checkbooks are great motivators.

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